Apparel, Toys, and Accessories Edition - Black-Owned Dog Businesses to Support Now and Always

Love & Pawsitivity was started with the mission to create a company that spreads love and supports positive thoughts, actions, and ideas through the quirky lens of love for our fur-babies. Our pup reminds us daily that dogs can be great teachers; they love unconditionally. 

So in order to continue supporting what we believe in, we have decided to create an ongoing list of Black-Owned Pet Businesses, that we can all support - now and always. We ended up with a list so big we had to break it into 3 posts. This one is the pet clothes, toys, and accessories edition!

If you have the ability to, buy from these businesses.

If you can't, here are a few ways you can support them for free: 

  1. Follow them on social media and engage with their account. Like, comment, & share their content.  
  2. Talk about them in your social media - a simple Instagram story or post can make a difference.
  3. Share these businesses with friends and families outside of just social media. I bet someone you know may need something they're selling or are providing. 
  4. Visit their website and sign up for their newsletters. 
  5. When it makes sense, let them know you support them.

There are literally hundreds of businesses out there, and this list only scratches the surface. But we hope it helps you started on your search for new businesses to work with. And now onto these wonderful businesses:

Sir Darius Brown

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Sirdariusbrown

Sir Darius Brown is a 13-year-old entrepreneur, who sells cat and dog bow ties that he hand-makes! He also provides bow ties for shelter dogs and cats so they can look spiffy in their adoption photos. Such a stand-up young man and role-model!

Sir Darius Brown

Brock N Bone

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Brocknbone

Brock N Bone sells beautifully curated dog bandanas. We know the dog-community loves them a good 'dana, and Brock N Bone carries some of the most beautiful ones we've seen.

dog bandanas

House Dogge

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Housedogge

House Dogge is an artisanal dog brand that makes and sells modern, stylish, eco-friendly dog toys and accessories. Inspired by her pup, Wubbi, the owner and designer Angela has managed to create a brand so beautiful that she's been featured in Oprah's O Magazine!

House Dogge

Trill Paws

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Trillpaws 

Trill Paws is a pet accessory and lifestyle brand that sells some of the most unique pet ID tags, dog toys, pet accessories we've seen. Inspired by pop-culture icons and sayings, the tags are stunning  something we haven't seen anywhere else! 

Puppy Prezzies

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Puppyprezzies 

Puppy Prezzies was started by Rachel after her the materials used to craft outfits for her two fur-babies took over her home. They offer a wide range of stylish outfits and accessories for your pooch. 

Sir Dogwood

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Sirdogwood

Sir Dogwood features a highly curated selection of chic and modern dog Clothes and accessories so that you can spoil your pup! They also partner with up and coming designers to create limited-edition collections only available at Dogwood.

Bark and Tumble

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Barkandtumble

Bark and Tumble is a luxury, contemporary, and unique brand of hand-made fashionable dog garments and accessories. They cater to many breeds and sizes, all without sacrificing comfort and style!

Scotch and Tea

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Scotch.tea

Khrys Nikole Solano is an Afro-Latina designer & photographer that makes beautiful dog bandanas and collars. She also sells a wide range of stunning postcards and greeting cards, as well as a line of facemasks. 

High Collar

Instagram Logo - Free social icons highcollarpets

Per High Collars own website "When people hear I have a B.S. in Animal Sciences, the question is always, "You like animals like that?! You don't look like the type." ... My world IS versatile. So I made this brand for those that can relate." The CEO is smart and ambitious, and their clothes are very unique. Go give them a look.

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