Our Calls-to-Action for the Pet Business and Pet Influencer Community

Hello there,

You may have seen our open letter or noticed our posts on Instagram and our articles on our blog lately have been more frequent than before. Right now we are doing our best to use Love & Pawsitivity as the vehicle for good we always intended it to be.

Right now, we want to talk about our calls to action for the Pet Business and Pet Influencer community. See we thought a long time about what we can do with Love & Pawsitivity to contribute meaningfully to the important conversation our nation, and really our world is having right now.

As we thought, we also looked to the businesses we admired in this space and the influencers that have huge platforms to see what they were doing. We were disappointed to find that all too quickly, many feeds had gone back to business-as-usual.

We did manage to find some AMAZING examples of people using their platform to #LeadWithLove, and we continue to find some every day. We have been showing our support to those leaders when we see them. But we know this community is capable of so much more.

We can't control what others do or don't do, but we can control what we do. So we made these Calls-to-Action for ourselves and the Pet-centric community at large. We hope they help keep the conversation moving.

Please read these and digest them. Share them with those that may need to hear them. And if you feel there are more we can add, please message us to let us know.

As always, remember to Lead with Love and Spread Positivity however you can.


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