DOWNLOAD - Printable Dog Health and Vaccination Record Keeper

Tracking your dogs medical records can be daunting

These days, many of us have smartphones on us at all times. Yet there are so many record keeping tasks that go undone when we delegate them to digital, probably because it's so easy to get distracted or the process of getting started is daunting.

We recently found ourselves sifting through stacks of receipts and records to organize Minnie's health records for her vet appointment. We said "there has to be a better way", but a lot of the options out there cost money. But we were confident we could design something that fit our needs and when possible we like to keep things simple. What we came up with was so helpful, we instantly wanted to spread the love and make it available to you all for your fur-babies.

After looking around a bit, we had an idea of what would be helpful for us and we are hopeful this can help you too.

With this printable you can keep track of allergies and conditions, important information like weight history and when they last had a check-up and their booster shots. You can also keep track of what medications or labs they had and when. And we left plenty of space for notes so you can keep track of other info that is important for you.

Info on this printable 

This printable is broken into 3 pages: general pet info and info on common diseases/viruses for which there are vaccines, medical history, and notes. Note that the info we provide on common diseases and vaccines applies mostly to dogs, but we plan to make a cat specific version as well in the future and will link to it here when it's ready.

You can purchase this printable to download it. Your purchase entitles you to access to any updates we make to this printable for free, forever!

*This printout is meant for informational purposes and for personal use for tracking your own pet’s medical records. It is NOT meant to be an official, vet-approved form.

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