How to Launch a Home-Based Business and Adopt a New Pet at the Same Time

How to Launch a Home-Based Business and Adopt a New Pet at the  Same Time

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What do you do if you are busily launching your own home-based business and you see a post for a shelter pet that you instantly bond with? Go ahead and adopt Fido or Fluffy! Pets make the best co-workers when you work from home. They show up every day with adoring eyes to encourage you while you tackle your to-do list, and only ask for meals and a couple of head scratches in return. Here are some ideas from Love & Pawsitivity to help you settle in your new pet and still get all your business tasks done.

Prepare the Space

Before you go to the shelter, get your home ready for your pet. Make sure you:
  • Remove any houseplants poisonous to animals
  • Add a cozy pet bed in your home office
  • Buy toys for playtime

Giving your new furry friend a spot of their own and some toys to play with helps them settle in comfortably and minimize interruptions while you are working.

Additionally, set up your home office with all the tools and equipment you need for your new business. Consider buying a keyboard cover to keep an overexcited pet from accidentally typing while you are on a conference call.

Create a Schedule

On the first day, create a workable daily routine for your pet to adjust to. Start with some playful and affectionate interaction and repeat this at lunchtime and after work. This helps prevent any mischievous behavior from your furry friend designed to distract you from your work.

For your company, design a detailed schedule of all the tasks needed to launch your business and prioritize the most important ones. Break down large jobs into smaller tasks and plot them out on your weekly calendar.

Tackle Important Tasks During Pet Naptime

Your pet will probably take a long nap in the early afternoon. Use that time to tackle your most important tasks that require your focused attention.

Pet naptime is the ideal moment to get a limited liability company set up for your new company to protect yourself from personal liability for any business debts or possible lawsuits. It also simplifies tax time as you won't need to file a separate return for your company. Read up on New York's requirements and the steps necessary for setting up the LLC by visiting, and complete the task online or hire a lawyer to handle it for you.

Get Help When Needed

If you have trouble managing your new pet's behavior, find a trainer in your area for help. He or she can work with you and your furry friend to redirect negative behaviors and reward positive ones. You can also learn helpful tips on how to care for your pet.

Outsourcing some of those business tasks you identified to start your company helps you focus on completing the ones you have the talent and motivation to do on your own. Try hiring a virtual assistant to handle your office administrative tasks. Consider giving your accounting, marketing and web design and development needs to talented freelancers who specialize in those areas.

You can successfully manage simultaneously launching your business and adopting a new pet with detailed planning, prioritization of tasks and hiring outside help when you need it.

Whether you're working or spending downtime with your pet, show off your love for them with Love & Pawsitivity's chic, pet-centric clothing and accessories!


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How to Launch a Home-Based Business and Adopt a New Pet at the Same Time

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