How to Make Room in Your Home and Life for Your First German Shepherd

Nothing can ever prepare you for the joy of owning a German Shepherd, but what you can and should prepare for are the added responsibilities of owning your first pet. From choosing the right pup to helping them adjust to your life, there are so many things to think about before you bring your new companion home. Love and Pawsitivity offers some tips to make planning for a new pet a little easier.

Gauge Your Lifestyle

When you’re considering adopting a German Shepherd puppy, you should try to gauge whether or not your lifestyle will be a good fit.  Do you have enough space in your home? Do you prefer to stay active? Do you have a backyard? Are you able to be home enough to help your new pup adjust? These are crucial questions to ask yourself before you take the leap. Dog’s Best Life warns that you should be fully prepared for the commitment before bringing a puppy into your life. 

Buy Products to Make Life With Your New Pet Easier 

Companion animals depend on people for everything from food to play, so pick up some supplies that will make the transition easier on everyone. For new pup parents, keeping up with feedings and potty breaks can be a hassle, but convenient options like electronic dog doors and automatic feeders can make these daily tasks simpler. Automatic pet feeders are an especially practical tool if you work outside of your home and can encourage your dog to stay on a consistent feeding schedule. 

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, you should remember to put all your pup’s things away before you show the house to anyone. You should also make sure your dog isn’t at the showing as this could be distracting to viewers. This will make it more likely for your house to sell. 

Be Understanding as Your New Pet Settles into a New Life 

If you’re like most people, change can make you nervous. Animals are even more sensitive to changes in their routines and environments. When you bring your new dog home, allow some time for them to really feel comfortable in your home. Providing positive encouragement in the form of treats and praise can help them get acclimated. For many animals, however, your patience and understanding are most important. 

Dog Time recommends having designated places where your dog can rest and safe places they can retreat to when they are feeling nervous. Animals that have been rescued can be especially nervous in a new environment, but once they feel at home, rescue animals make some of the best pets. Try to set up a consistent routine from the start, and take your time with training. 

Patience Will Be a Virtue

Any time you bring a new pup into your home, especially a puppy, the likelihood of house training accidents goes up. Older dogs are usually house trained already, though they may have an accident or two as they adjust to their surroundings. Puppies, on the other hand, are a different matter. With proper training, you will eventually get your pup housebroken, but it could take some time, so be patient! Do yourself a favor and have special cleaning supplies on hand to tackle stains and odors.  If you allow your dog to roam the house freely, be mindful of furniture and carpeting. Occasionally it can take a puppy longer to house train, so prepare yourself mentally for potential carpet cleaning or even upholstery refitting or restoration.

Bring on the Bonding Time!

Finally, don’t forget to spend time bonding with your pet by doing what they love! This could mean taking some pet-friendly outdoor trips, regular trips to the dog park, allowing them to tag along when you go out to eat or get a coffee, or all of the above! As pets become a more integral part of our lives, more businesses are becoming friendlier toward our four-legged family members. Since time with your new pal is the best way to bond, that’s really good news for new pet parents! 

For first-time German Shepherd owners, planning is important. Getting your home, your life and yourself ready to take home a new pet will make this journey so much sweeter. Be prepared for your new pet, and be prepared for a lifetime of love, companionship and joy!

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