About Us


First, we want to thank you for visiting Love & Pawsitivity. You want to know more about us, and we are flattered! We are Gaby and Jay, and we are the proud pawrents of a floof-ball of joy named Minnie Penny.

That's a mouth full, we know. She goes by just Minnie for short. You can check out her Instagram if you'd like to see her for yourself, but be warned - you may find yourself in a loop of "aww" moments and all productivity will be out the window for some time.

Growing up, we both had numerous pets between our two families. Cats, dogs, hamsters, snakes, lizards, birds, and a variety of fish. What can we say, pets are sometimes easier than humans. :)

Love & Pawsitivity is a pet project for us (pun very intended). We were inspired by Minnie after we rescued her from a shelter. When we found her, she'd been through some things no dog should ever have to go through. When we heard what had happened, it made us determined to make sure she knew she was loved. We made a commitment to show her all the love she deserved, give her a great home, and only use positive reinforcement with her.

Minnie is still learning more and more, and so are we. Raising her is such a joy for us. So much so that we were inspired to start this brand. We saw that with some patience, care, love, and positivity Minnie was emboldened to come out of her shell and to be her best self. And we believe that the same ingredients can bring out the best in all of us.

And so the Love & Pawsitivity brand was born with the mission to get out messages of #loveandpawsitivity and a little pet related quirkiness to other pawrents and pet lovers.

We hope you enjoy our products. We donate a portion of profits to local shelters and rescues to help other fur-babies find their furever homes just like Minnie found us. 

All the puppy and kitty kisses,

The Love & Pawsitivity Team