Food, Treats, and Wellness Edition - Black-Owned Dog Businesses to Support Now and Always

Love & Pawsitivity was started with the mission to create a company that spreads love and supports positive thoughts, actions, and ideas through the quirky lens of love for our fur-babies. Our pup reminds us daily that dogs can be great teachers; they love unconditionally. 

So in order to continue supporting what we believe in, we have decided to create an ongoing list of Black-Owned Pet Businesses, that we can all support - now and always. We ended up with a list so big we had to break it into 3 posts. This one is the Food, Treats, and Wellness edition!

If you have the ability to, buy from these businesses.

If you can't, here are a few ways you can support them for free: 

  1. Follow them on social media and engage with their account. Like, comment, & share their content.  
  2. Talk about them in your social media - a simple Instagram story or post can make a difference.
  3. Share these businesses with friends and families outside of just social media. I bet someone you know may need something they're selling or are providing. 
  4. Visit their website and sign up for their newsletters. 
  5. When it makes sense, let them know you support them.

There are literally hundreds of businesses out there, and this list only scratches the surface. But we hope it helps you started on your search for new businesses to work with. And now onto these wonderful businesses:

Ava's Pet Palace

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Avaspetpalace

Ava's Pet Palace is run by Ava, a 12-year-old young entrepreneur! She makes organic cat and dog treats that your fur-baby will love. Ava was recently awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the WDB Marketing Legacy Awards. We want to be like her when we grow up!

Little L's NYC Dog Treats

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Littlelsnyc_dog_treats   

Little L's sells delicious, crunchy, all-meat brittle treats that your dog is sure to love! They also sell food toppers, toys, and apparel. And if you're in the NYC area, check out their Instagram for examples of amazing cakes they can make for your pup. 

Little L's NYC Dog Treats

Pet Plate

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Petplate 

Pet Plate makes dog food with real, human-grade ingredients...and it's Minnie's favorite! They freshly cook the food at their USDA kitchen and give you the option to customize your doggie's meal plan. Minnie literally won't eat her meal if it doesn't include some Pet Plate!

Moonlight Dog Cafe - Vancouver

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Moonlightdogcafe

Moonlight Dog Cafe is a raw pet food store selling a large range of products from carriers to supplements, toys, and more. They also have a cafe with wi-fi and an a library so pawrents can relax with their furbaby and socialize.


Instagram Logo - Free social icons Enjoyabowl_products

Enjoy-A-Bowl is hands down the most unique dog bowl we've ever seen. They sell the only appetite stimulation bowl for pets that uses the aroma from human food to turn boring into bone-appetit'. Isn't that such an amazing concept?!

Your Pets’ Chef

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Yourpetschef

Your Pet's Chef sells a fresh, gourmet, all-natural pet food, delivered to your door. Their meals look so good, you would think they are for us humans!

Leela Ryan

Instagram Logo - Free social icons Leelaryan

Leela Ryan sells plant-based dog treats made from limited ingredients and no artificial flavors. They are made in NYC with oats and fresh fruits, locally sourced when available. Their treats look just scrumptious!


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