6 ways to show your Dog or Cat you love them for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day means love is in the air. Chocolates and roses galore are the norm for humans, but what about showing love to our furbabies? They can't read the calendar but who cares! Cupid shot you with his arrow and you love your four-legged baby, so let them know. 🥰

Here's 6 ways to show your pet some love for Valentine's Day!

1. Treat Your Pup to a Homemade Treat

There are a variety of dog-friendly bakeries around the country, but if you’re feeling motivated or have a bit of extra time, there are plenty of recipes online that are very simple and quick to make. Here’s a recipe for Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats from Three Little Ferns. We made them for Minnie and she gobbled them up! And for those of you with kitties, try this 3-ingredient recipe for Salmon Cat Treats.


2. Movie Night

Make it a movie night in! Pop some popcorn and pick out a pet-themed movie on Netflix or the streaming service of your choice!

Did you know that both dogs and cats can have plain unsalted popcorn? Just be sure to remove any unpopped or half-popped kernels for a safe movie treat so that they don't get stuck in their teeth or pose choking hazards.

Dogs and Cats can eat plain airpopped popcorn without salt, butter, or any other toppings.

Dogs and Cats can eat plain airpopped popcorn without salt, butter, or any other toppings.

3. Get them a New Toy

Your furbaby may already have tons of toys at home (Minnie sure does!), but why not get them a new one just for this day? You can also try making them a DIY one from material around the house. Here’s an example:

  • Put kibble inside a plastic bottle
  • Put the bottle inside an old sock and tie it up
  • Done! Most dogs will love to play fetch with this. 


4. Teach a new trick

We may not like having to go to class too much, but quick training sessions can be A LOT of fun for your fur-child. Plus they have a bonus of strengthening your bond with each other! So grab some treats and train in short intervals to keep it stress-free and fun.

Teaching your dog a new trick is fun for your dog and can strengthen your bond.


5. Make a playlist

Did you know Dogs and Cats enjoy music too! It may not be the same music we like to rock out to, but a calming playlist of soft and calming music (think classical) to play when you're not home would go a long way for your pup.

6. Donate to a favorite shelter or rescue in your pet's name

All these gifts and activities aside, your dog already has the best gift out there - YOU! But there are plenty of dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets looking for their furever home and a loving family to celebrate Valentine's Day with. So why not make a donation in your pet's name to help them get there.

Bonus: Don't forget to treat yourself as well

When you shop with Love & Pawsitivity, we donate a percentage of profits to local shelters. Remember, you can't buy love, but you can rescue it!


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