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Adopting a New cat


Today we are excited to share with you our first guest post! Jessica from OurBestFriends.pet has some great tips for first time cat adopters. This info would have been helpful when I adopted my cat, which makes me more excited to share them with you all! Enjoy!

Are you getting ready to adopt a cat for the very first time? You probably can’t wait to head to the shelter to bring home your feline friend. Maybe you’re already stocking up on cute clothing and gear from
Love & Pawsitivity to show everyone how excited you are about your new animal companion! But before you officially adopt a cat, it’s important to research everything you’ll need to do to make them feel at home. Here are a few tips that will benefit anyone adopting their first cat.

Buying Supplies

It’s best to stock up on supplies for your cat before you bring them home. For example, you will need to pick up a litter box, a few bags of litter, toys, a collar, and a scratching post. When it comes to toys, Catster recommends choosing light, soft toys that they can easily swat, pounce on, and carry in their mouths. 

The First Day

A day or two before you go to the shelter, it’s a good idea to clean your house and put away any clutter. You want to make sure that your cat can safely explore their new home, so remove any plants that might be toxic for their digestive system! 

Once you’ve brought your cat home, give them time to relax and settle in. They will likely feel a bit anxious, so it’s important to be patient and show them affection when they’re ready. 

Choosing Cat Food

When planning your cat’s diet, you may find it simplest to stick with the brand of food they were eating at the shelter. But if you’d like to switch to a new brand of food, it’s important to check out the ingredients first. You can introduce your cat to their new food gradually so that it doesn’t upset their stomach. 

For the sake of convenience, you may want to use a food delivery service. Having fresh, high-quality cat food delivered to your front door can help you save time. To find a reliable delivery service, check out online reviews to get insight from other customers. 

Managing the Litter Box

If you adopted an older cat from the shelter, there’s a good chance that they already know how to use a litter box. However, if you adopted a kitten, you will need to spend some time training them! The training process is relatively simple: Hill’s Pet recommends simply picking up your kitten and putting them in the litter box when it looks like they need to go, or after they’ve eaten a meal. When they use it appropriately, reward them with a treat! 

Finding a Vet

Finally, finding a trustworthy vet is crucial. Even if your cat was vaccinated during their time at the shelter, you will want to take them in for their first check-up soon. You will want to make sure that your pet does not have any underlying health conditions that were not discovered at the shelter. To choose a vet, consider whether or not they take appointments on short notice, make house calls, or offer after-hours emergency services. Make sure they treat your cat with care at the first appointment!


Adopting your first cat is a joyful experience, but becoming a pet owner is also a big responsibility! If you don’t prepare in advance, you could find yourself feeling overwhelmed after a few days with your new cat. But if you know what to expect, and you’re ready to give your cat everything they need to feel safe and loved, the two of you will bond in no time. 

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5 Essential Tips for First-Time Cat Adopters

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