5 Games You Can Play At Home that Your Dog Will Love

Exercising your dog physically and mentally is very important, so when you're not able to go outside, check out the following list for some indoor game ideas. 

Treats Hide and Seek

Dogs are known to have a great sense of smell, so why not use that for a fun game! Start by hiding treats in a small area and then ask your dog to find them. When he starts to understand the game, expand to bigger areas.

It's helpful to use command terms like "search" or "find treats" so that your dog associates them to the game.

The Magic Cup

This is another nose game. Get three cups and line them up in a row in front of your doggie. To start off, first hide a treat under one cup while your dog is watching, and ask him to show you where the treat is. When he chooses correctly, let him have the treat and highly praise him. Once he seems to understand the game more, add some challenge and mix the cups around after you hide the treat. 

Tug of War

Not only can playing tug of war be a great bonding experience, but it's an easy game to play indoors. 


Blowing bubbles is a super easy and fun game! If your dog doesn't know how to chase bubbles, start by blowing a few bubbles at a time. If your dog doesn't seem to care about the bubbles, try pointing at them and encourage your dog to catch them. If he still doesn't seem interested, try to catch the bubbles yourself.

After playing, make sure to wipe off any remains from your dog's face with a wet towel.

Balls and Treats

This is a simple game - all you need is a muffin or cupcake pan and a few balls (tennis balls can be great for this). Begin by placing treats inside the cups, then place the balls on top. Next, let your doggie find the treats by moving the balls with his nose or paws. This is a great mental stimulator. 

 5 Indoor Dog Games

5 Games You Can Play At Home that Your Dog Will Love Dog Dog Games Indoor Dog Games Perro

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