Why Do Dogs Sneeze? Different Type of Dog Sneezes and Their Cause

If you’re wondering why your dog sneezes for seemingly no reason, we’ve got you covered.

A dog's sneeze can be due to allergies, a virus, wanting attention, excitement, or even just play.

Below are a few types of sneezes and its causes.

Dogs Sneezing When Playing

Many dogs sneeze in the middle of playing with other dogs or with their humans, especially when they get really excited. This type of sneeze is normal and harmless, all it means is that your dog is having fun. Dogs use their whole bodies to communicate, and this is just another way to portray their excitement. 

Foreign Objects 

If your dog is sneezing regularly, touching their nose, rubbing it on the ground, or bleeding from it, there might be something suck in their nose. This can happen as dogs tend to sniff constantly (inside out or outside).  

If you think your dog has something in their nose, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. They can prevent the object from going deeper inside the nose. 

Nasal Infection

If your dog is constantly sneezing, it can potentially be a nasal infection. Some dogs get a nasal infection when they inhale a fungus from dust or grass. If it's a nasal infection, your dog won't only sneeze, but he will have nose pain, discharge, swelling, and nosebleeds.  

Another less common way dogs get nasal infections is by absorbing nasal mites when digging dirt with their noses. These can also cause nosebleeds, discharge, and irritation. 

If your dog has any of the symptoms mentioned above, take him to your veterinary as soon as possible. 

Dog Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can also have allergies to pollen, dust, mold, insect bites, food, or an irritant in the air that they're exposed to. If alongside the sneezing, you also notice that your dog is itching more than normal, may have a runny discharge from their nose or eyes, or is coughing and wheezing, then he most likely has allergies. 

If you think this is the case, talk to your vet. They can help you figure out the kind of allergies your dog may have and prescribe treatment to make your doggie feel better.

Dog's Reverse Sneeze

A dog's reverse sneeze is believed to be caused due to irritation of the soft palate and throat, which results in a spasm. A reverse sneeze typically sounds like a gasping, choking or snorting sound, however, as scary as it sounds, they tend to be harmless. 

Fake Sneeze for Attention

Typically, when a dog is fake sneezing, they tend to watch you as they sneeze. They also like to get close to you, to make sure they get a reaction.

Another way to make sure it's a fake sneeze is body language. If your dog is wagging his tail, jumping, raisins his ears, or putting his paws on top of you, then it most likely means they just want to get your attention. 


No one knows your dog better than you, however, so if you ever feel like something isn't right, it's always a good idea to call your vet or to take your dog directly to one. 

 Why Do Dogs Sneeze?

Why Do Dogs Sneeze?

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