5 Tips for New Dog or Puppy Parents

Adding a new dog to the family can be super exciting. You can't wait to introduce them to all of your family and friends and to start filling up your phone with pictures! However, a new puppy or dog needs a bit of time to adjust to his new environment, to new people, and to new routines.

To help you out with this new (but wonderful) change in your life, here are some tips that will help you and your doggie adjust to his new forever home:

Purchase Essentials Beforehand

Just like newborns, new dogs require certain products to ensure their safety and good health. Before getting them home, make sure you have: food, bowls, ID tags, leash/harness, waste bags, bed/crate, and treats. To get a full list of things you may need, check out our "Things You Need When Getting a New Dog" article.

Safety First

While in the near future you'll know your fur-baby very well, in the beginning, a lot of his personality is uncertain. So whenever you take him out, whether it's to play or to use the bathroom, make sure he has a leash. At first, you don't know how much he'll be jumping, digging, or whether he'll get distracted easily. For this very reason, make sure he's also always wearing his collar and tags. 

Establish a Routine

Dogs like predictability, especially when it comes to food, shelter, and safety. It's recommended to start a routine with your new dog as soon as he gets home. Try to be consistent on the way he is fed, at what time he'll be eating, the number of times he'll be taken out on a walk (and the timings), etc.

Routines can also help reduce anxiety on dogs. 

Pet-Proof Your House

Dogs, no matter the age, are naturally curious. They like to explore around, especially when they're in a new environment. When preparing your house for your new furry family member, make sure that wires are tucked away, sharp or small objects aren't easily accessed, fragile items are out of reach, and cleaning supplies are stored away or out of reach as well.


You and your new fur-baby are new to each other, so it'll naturally take a bit of time to learn about each other. So remember that certain things your pup may do aren't meant annoy you or done on purpose, they just need some time to adjust and definitely lots of consistency and training.


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