Things to Do with Your Dog During the Summer

Summer is here and it's the perfect time to go out and have fun with your fur baby.  Here are a few ideas that will let you and your pooch enjoy each other's company while also enjoying some sun. 


Now that the weather is nice, more restaurants will be opening up their outdoor areas. You will be surprised how many restaurants and cafes will allow dogs in their outdoor areas. Find a local spot in your neighborhood with an outdoor area and ask if they allow dogs. You lose nothing by asking, so get yourself a nice refreshing drink and some yummy food, and don't forget to bring a bowl for water for your pooch. It's nice to be able to treat yourself without having to leave your dog at home. 

A great website to visit for dog-friendly restaurants is:

Visit a dog friendly Restaurant this summer

Pool and BBQ

If you're lucky enough to have some outdoor space, get yourself a kiddie pool and invite some friends (and their dogs) for a BBQ. This is the perfect setting to enjoy yourself, while the doggies get some nice, refreshing, play time. 

Set up a small pool for your dogs this summer

Picnic in the Park

Bring with you some human and dogs snacks, a book, and some toys to play fetch such as a ball or frisbee. Find a tree for some shade (if you don't want to soak in all that sun) and relax. Or don't because fido is having a blast playing fetch and running zoomies in the park.

Picnic in the Park with your Dog

Outdoor Movie or Concert

Plenty of cities offer free outdoor movies or concerts during the summer. Take advantage of this and bring your doggie to one of these! Make sure to bring plenty of water, treats, and toys.

View an outdoor movie with your dog

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