5 Reasons Pets Are Great for Your Health

If you have pets, then you already know how much love, happiness, and joy they bring to your life. And if that wasn't enough, studies also confirm that they're good for your mental and physical health as well! There's no denying it, our pets are amazing❤️

Here are a few reasons on how your fur-baby keeps you healthy:

They make you exercise more

Whether you own a dog or a cat, your pet needs plenty of exercise and playtime. So every time you're actively playing with them or taking them out on a walk, you're also exercising your body and losing some calories. 

If you're interested in doing more, there's also plenty of pet yoga classes online or at physical locations. Having a cute face to look at while working out makes it easier to get through the exercises. 

They help decrease stress and anxiety

Studies have shown that stroking, hugging, and petting your pets decreases levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone), lowers blood pressure, and helps release oxytocin, which is a hormone linked to emotional bonding. The release of this hormone helps stabilize a sense of calmness between the pet and the owner. 

Having a pet as a companion also reduces loneliness and helps boosts a person's mood. 

They prevent allergies, asthma, and boost our immune system

When kids are exposed to pets at a young age (especially before they're one), they have higher chances of not developing allergies and asthma when they are older.

There's also increasing evidence that dogs can improve our immune system. This is because of they the bacteria they get exposed to outdoors that we may not directly encounter. 

They improve socialization

Our pets can make it easier for us to meet new people, make more friends, and appear more approachable to others. Studies have shown that it's easier to meet people when you have a dog, as they are seen as an easy ice-breaker. They make it easier for you and others to start up a conversation.

They help kids with autism and ADHD

Studies show that kids who have ADHD have shown to have better focus when they are exposed to predictable routines. Owning a pet requires you to have a consistent routine. 

Studies have also shown that kids with autism can connect better with others when they have pets. Pets help them feel more secure and petting them can be a soothing experience that helps create a sense of calm.

Reasons Pets are Great for Your Health

Reasons Dogs are Great for Your Health

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