5 Different Ways Dogs Show They Love You

Different ways your dog show love to you

While it's easy for us humans to show our dogs we love and adore them with a belly rub, a yummy treat, ear scratching, etc; dogs tend to show love in other ways. They show their affection through body language and actions.

Below you can find just a few ways dogs show how much they love being our fur-babies.

A few ways dogs show love and affection

Eye Contact

For many dogs, eye contact is a sign of trust, love, and affection. Studies have shown that when a dog looks at you, their brain releases Oxytocin, which is a hormone associated with attachment and affection. It's the same hormone that is involved in human social bonds, such as the bond between new mothers and their babies.


If your dog ever just lays next to you and lets out a sigh, it's not always that they're tired and have had a long day at the office 😂 , it usually means he/she is really content and relaxed. Soft vocalizations like sighs mean your pup is happy. Snuggling up beside you and sighing also means they feel safe and comfortable with you.


When your dog comes up to you and leans all their weight against you or your legs, it means that they trust you and that they feel safe and comfortable with you. Think of it as a full-body, strong hug.

However, it's important to note that some leans can also mean your fur-baby might be anxious or scared. So take note if your pup is showing other signs of relaxation such as gently wagging its tail or slightly opening its mouth.

They bring you their toys

When your dogs bring you their toys, it's not only that they want to play with you, but they also think you'll love their toy. They are offering to you one of the things they love the most - it's like they are demonstrating that "sharing is caring".

Extra Bonding

The bond between you and your dog can be similar to the bond between a parent and their kid. Just how kids tend to look to their parents for safety, if your dog is anxious or distressed and looks for you, he/she is relying on you in a similar way. Your dog is showing you that he/she loves you, trusts you, and feels safe with you.

Looking out for all these signs can ensure that your relationship with your doggie is even stronger and happier than what it already is ❤️


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% Different Ways your Dogs Show They Love You

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