5 Ways To Spoil Your Dog On National Spoil Your Dog Day (August 10th)

Many of us spoil our dogs in different ways on a daily basis, but National Spoil Your Dog Day is about stepping things up just a bit more. At the end of the day, our doggies deserve it!

Below are some ideas to help with your planning:

Treat Your Pup to a Homemade Treat

There are a variety of dog-friendly bakeries around the country, but if you’re feeling motivated or have a bit of extra time, there are plenty of recipes online that are very simple and quick to make. Here’s one we did for Minnie:

Go to a Dog-Friendly Establishment

We’ve noticed that the number of doggie friendly restaurants, bars, and general establishments continues to increase. Take advantage of this and take your furbaby to a local spot in your neighborhood. This is a great way for your pup to meet new dogs.

If you're looking for some ideas on where to go, read here

Movie Night

Pop some popcorn for you and your pooch and pick out a dog-themed movie! Did you know that doggies can have plain, not-salted or buttered, popcorn? Just be sure to remove any unpopped or half-popped kernels for a safe movie treat so that they don't get stuck in your dog's teeth or pose choking hazards.

Get Him or Her a New Toy

Your doggie may already have tons of toys at home (Minnie sure does!), but why not get them a new one just for this day? You can also try making them a DIY one from material around the house. Here’s an example:

  • Put kibble inside a plastic bottle
  • Put the bottle inside an old sock and tie it up
  • Done! Most dogs will love to play fetch with this. 

Let Them Sleep the Whole Night on Your Bed

Our pups love us more than anything, so why not treat them on this special day with unlimited cuddling. If you know your dog may automatically get used to the idea of sleeping with you every night, something that may work is to put their bed on your bed so that they still understand they will sleep in their own bed each night.


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